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Innovative Data Protection Consulting


Radical Next-Generation Approach Proven to Empower You to Effectively Address the Most Important Data Privacy, Data Security & ePrivacy Questions

At Rethynx™, our international interdisciplinary specialists are well-versed in all aspects of world-wide data protection and eprivacy regulatory, legal, technical and organizational requirements. 

With our extensive experience and unrivaled automated digital transformation program portfolio, we unify technologies, intelligence and expertise into simple tested and proven solutions. Our team works shoulder-to-shoulder with you to design and tailor integrated and pragmatic solutions based on your organizations’ needs while up-skilling your employees’ knowledge and guiding their compliance in all data protection and eprivacy aspects.

Inspired by intellectual curiosity, passion, determination, our team is committed to tackling seemingly impossible complexities and challenges and explore possibilities. Using our reliable AI-powered data protection and eprivacy products, highly evolved methodologies and effective frameworks, we continue to cultivate a culture of innovation and new technologies to establish, maintain and accelerate compliance programs that help guide and empower your organization with the know-how to:

  • Educate employees about your and their data protection and eprivacy responsibilities.

  • Ensure internal processes and operations align with data protection and eprivacy standards and best practices.

  • Identify, analyze, understand, prevent and remediate data privacy, data security and eprivacy risk through data protection risk assessments.

  • Discover, map, classify and monitor data and digital properties.

  • Correlate data to establish and maintain transparent data steward and data governance protocols.

  • Establish and operationalize robust data protection system and program for all applicable GDPR, CCPA, or worldwide data protection and eprivacy laws.

  • Vet and validate data protection and eprivacy third-party and vendor safeguards.

  • Leverage real-time artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA) knowledge, insights and predictive analytics. 

  • Automate data subject choice and the exercise of data subjects’ data privacy rights.

  • Measure and report regarding business risk and integrated risk management/mitigation portfolio.

  • Prevent, address and remediate data protection violations and/or breaches.

  • Automate integrated threat intelligence, incident investigations and actionable insights.

  • Build or maintain a reputation for data protection and eprivacy excellence, accelerating your effectiveness, efficiency and competitive edge.

  • Automate visibility, verification and validation for adequate internal framework, regulatory and legal compliance.




Governance, Gap/Risk Assessment, Assurance, Compliance & Audit

Data Protection & ePrivacy Program Creation

Policies, Procedures & Statements Creation & Enhancement

Data Protection Employee Training & Awareness Campaign

Data Protection Privacy by Design / Default Operationalization & Management

Data Protection Register Design

Data Mapping, Inventorying & Records Retention

Cross Border Transfer Compliance Roadmap

Data Protection Impact Framework & Assessment

Contract Risk Management & Support

Supplier Risk Assessment, Onboard Training & Management / Monitoring

Entity Filings & Registrations

Data Privacy Violation & Data Security Breach: Remediation, Response & Reporting

Data Subject Rights & Access Implementation / Management

Cloud Security Assessment

Privacy/Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence & Risk Management

TableTop Exercises & Simulations

Audit Services (Third-Party / Organizational Review & Audit)

Regulatory Interpretation, Strategies & Advisories

AI, ML & RPA Driven Data Models

Data Privacy & Data Security M&A Due Diligence



Agriculture & Energy

Computer & Technology

Cyber Defense





Life Sciences


Public Sector




Rethynx  TEAM.

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Rethynx™ next-generation expertise and core technologies sets the new standard for data privacy, data security and ePrivacy protection, compliance, threat intelligence and response services. 

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